Is it possible to integrate rasa to a Windows application

I am trying to integrate a c# application to the Rasa framework. I wanted to understand if that’s possible or it only works with web UI. I am able to have a to test the conversation with Rasa shell. Is it possible to have a similar conversation between the desktop application in c# with the underlying trained Rasa model?

Hi Sandeep, the recommended way to interact with rasa models is through the HTTP API, or (less suggested) directly via the python API. You don’t need a web UI to use the HTTP API, just a HTTP client, could be as simple as curl or you could use postman, insomnia, etc. Though it might be possible to run python methods via c# (i’m sure there is info out there, e.g. (How do I call a specific Method from a Python Script in C#? - Stack Overflow)), I wouldn’t recommend it.