Can Rasa use logic computing such as 'AND'?

Hi, there! We know that Rasa’s Entity can be used in a logic computing. Here, I have one question as follows:
Can Rasa’s Entity also use logic computing such as ‘AND’?

(For example):


  • intent_enter_data{“email”: ""} OR inter_enter_data{“number”:“1”}
    • action_store_email

==> become


  • intent_enter_data{“email”: ""} AND inter_enter_data{“number”:“1”}
    • action_store_email

You misunderstood the OR. It is used when you have different intents, in your example the intents are the same, so you can write your stories like this one:

What you need to do is write some stories for when the user only provides you with either email, number or none. You could also try using a form.

Yes, you are right. By the way, it may be a good choice to use a form case. Thank you so much.