Can we use logical or for intents and trigger one action for them

My Query is - Can i use “OR” with intents in
Ex -

* intent1 or intent2 
    - action_something

I used it in my dummy project and i got two different results -\

Case 1:

## say goodbye
* goodbye + bot_challenge
  - utter_goodbye
  - utter_iamabot

when i used this , for intent “goodbye” or “bot_challenge”, utter_goodbye and utter_iamabot both ran.\

but when i used something like this :-
Case 2 -\

## post_comment
* intent1{"solt1": "france", "slot2":"paris"} + intent2{"slot1": "america"}\
    - action_12\
    - slot{"solt1": null}\

it gave me error saying -
inavlid to parse line intent1{"solt1": "france", "slot2":"paris"} + intent2{"slot1": "america"} \

kindly help me in this

Can you try to use OR instead of +?

@Tanja Okay i will try it and get back to u