Which operator works on entities?

Assume we have a story like this:

* intent{“entity1”:“value1”,“entity2”:“value2”}

In this case which one of AND and OR operators applied on both entities?

case 1 is entity1 AND entity2

case 2 is entity1 OR entity2

so this version means both entities are present, if you want an OR, then write * intent{“entity1”:“value1”} OR * intent{“entity2”:“value2”}

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Hi @akelad Can i do something like below?. I am struggling with below scenario. It goes to fallback.

  • intent{“entity1”:“value1”} OR intent{“entity1”:“value2”}

    • utter_path1
  • intent{“entity1”:“value1”,“entity2”:“value1”} OR intent{“entity1”:“value2”,“entity2”:“value1”}

    • utter_path2

you can yes, what issues are you having?