Can I receive the name of an action with a custom OutputChannel

Hi everyone, I know I can use the REST API to receive the tracker and extract the name of the executed action (e.g. utter_greet). But this approach requires two requests, namely sending the message and receiving the tracker afterward. I was thinking if I could simply create a custom OutputChannel that returns everything I need right away. After reading the documentation I am unsure if the information I am looking for is available to the custom output channel.

Maybe an example will illustrate what I want. The current webhook response looks like this: {'recipient_id': '1234', 'text': 'Hi there'}
But what I want is:
{'recipient_id': '1234', 'text': 'Hi there', 'action_name': 'utter_greet'}

Rasa X seems to do something similar but they request the whole tracker according to the developer tools of my browser.

Here is a related github issue that was closed because it can be done with a custom channel.

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The OutputChannel object receives a parameter utter_action that contains the value I am looking for.