How can i implement ActionForms via http API

Hi. I program BOT with nodejs, not use Python code. Everything i work with Rasa Core via HTTP API. But i don’t know, how can i use FormAction via HTTP API.

Has any guide for it? Please help me

Hi @1412392, unfortuntely to use forms without the SDK, you would basically have to implement this class rasa-sdk/ at master · RasaHQ/rasa-sdk · GitHub in your Node.js backend. Everything from the action server still goes through the API, so it should behave like a regular action – you have have to implement the logic of a form action.

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thank for your support. I will implement form action by logic in code.


I have built formAction SDK for Rasa in Nodejs, available on NPM - formAction SDK for Rasa Nodejs

Please suggest if it needs any changes, by raising an issue at : Issues · rohitnairtech/nodejs-formaction-sdk-rasa · GitHub

Happy coding! Danke! :wink: