General functionality understanding of slack interactive component (button)

Hey guys,

So I have developed a rasa chatbot that is integrated in slack. The chatbot shows a button as answer.

This buttons is formatted as block kit json string and is shown properly. It is NOT defined in rasa core files, but rather directly given as json_message over the action server.

Also, in the slack app (under interactivity) I have given the correct rasa server url.

Now I am wondering: How do I handle a button press? Is it possible to call a function / action on my rasa action server when the user presses the button? If so, how do I make this work?

Edit: I just found out (by accident) that I can make the button invoke an intent by setting its ‘value’ field to ‘/intent_name’. Is this behavior intended / Is it the proper way to handle a button press?

Yes. You can find out more at Responses