Bot not working in server


I have built chatbot for my organization , bot is working fine in local, but i deployed in windows server it is not follwing the stories. Help me regarding this issue

Hello @karthik1,

Do you mind providing more information on your issue? How you have it deployed, what isn’t working exactly, etc.


Hi, @btotharye sorry for late reply. Deployed procedure :- chatbot is running in server with anaconda terminal and after getting localhost i have used ngrok for HTTPS URL and that URL is pasted in HTML page, but after that the chatbot is not following the stories and not taking person name and domain email like, it is not accepting. please tell me the problem.


I would recommend testing this locally using the shell personally that way you can easily see what is happening and what slots and such are being filled.

Are you using duckling or how are you extracting emails? Do you have any logs to go on?


hi @btotharye

Yes i have tested in locally and http server its working well, but the issue is with if the site is secure. For site secure i have used ngrok after connecting to the ngrok tool the bot has an issue, not following stories and not responding properly

For email extracting i have used spacy extractionout.log (15.2 KB)


if we see the above image there no start message and if we see the log there it has mentioned that i have not created the start message like below image.

i have mentioned the start message in domian file

please give me resolution for this

thank you… Issue got resolved

Do you mind sharing what it was that was the resolution?


problem is with ngrok tools. some times it is showing 400 error so i have used ```

ngrok http -host-header=localhost 5005
issue got resolved

Hii @karthik1

Can you please help me with how did you collect those logs. I am trying to collect logs and getting success.

Please provide code if you don’t mind.

Thank you