Working Webchat bot with RASA but corporate network rejects ngrok

Hi All, I have been working to get the webchat bot (same one as most others) working, today I was able to successfully get it working after I get ngrok running. When I connect to it over the internet it works fine, but when I connect to it from inside my corporate network all requests get rejected as any request that ends in gets flagged as inappropriate content.

Has anyone else faced this issue and found a suitable work around?

Hello @Mike727,

Does you host your chatbot on a computer inside the company ? If yes, does the company have some kind of local network ? If it does, then I think you can access the bot through the local IP of the host computer without using ngrok, at least that works in my case.

Hi @fuih,

Thanks for the reply. Nope, I am hosting the chatbot on an external server outside the company. My use case requires it to be accessible inside and outside the network. I am really hoping I dont have to host it only internally.

I was able to resolve my own problem.

In case anyone is curious, all I did was forward the ports on my Azure server and then changed the socketUrl: in my index.html webchat page to the actual public IP address.

Apparently there are so many docs and forum posts full of http://localhost:5005 and/or ngrok references I assumed I couldn’t just simply use the public IP address.