Bot going silent

Hi all,

Often the RASA bot just goes silent after a few questions have been asked (intent correctly identified). Why may this happen?

Only once I got an error message when this happened:

Inconsistent BILOU tagging found, B- tag, L- tag pair encloses multiple entity classes.i.e. [B-a, I-b, L-a] instead of [B-a, I-a, L-a]. Assuming B- class is correct. Inconsistent BILOU tagging found, B- tag not closed by L- tag, i.e [B-a, I-a, O] instead of [B-a, L-a, O]. Assuming last tag is L-

Any tips to solve this issue? Is it a memory saturation problem?

Hi Angel,

I am facing the exact same problem. Instead of going silent, I want the bot to say something like-“Sorry, I did not get you” or “Could you please repeat that” etc

regards, shruti

We’re working on getting a PR for this merged :slight_smile: should be soon

Would you please suggest, answer to the question above, because I am also facing the same issue.

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