Rasa NLU returned entity values are //

Hi guys,

I have a bot that is returning the values of entities inconsistently as “//”.

My pipeline : rasa-pipeline

Example of the entities:

intent: “topic”,

text: “tech support”


start: 0,

end: 7,

value: “support”,



I sometimes see from debug, "inconsistent BILOU tagging found, B- tag not closed by L- tag, IE [B-a, L-a, O] instead of [B-a, L-a, O].

Assuming last tag is L-

Could this be something?

Assuming this is what you’re saying your training data looks like:

    "intent": "topic",
    "text": "tech support",
    "entities": [
        "start": 0,
        "end": 7,
        "value": "support",
        "entity": "topic"

Then you have a problem in your training data. The word support starts at position 5 and ends at position 12.

Sorry I read from the wrong example.

For that one is it actually 0 and 11.

That still wouldn’t work since it isn’t capturing whole tokens. 0 and 12 would work if you wanted the whole utterance.

You can use the online trained to validate your data format: https://rasahq.github.io/rasa-nlu-trainer/