Bot doesn't reply


I am at Masterclass Episode 6 and I am having two questions:

  1. My bot doesn’t reply to hello, good morning anymore, but if I type “I am sad” it answers with the tiger picture. Why could that be?

  2. What does the syntax look like for the following code (taken out of stories) in Rasa 2.0. I dont know how to include the slots:

search_provider{“facility_type”:“hospital”, “location”: “San Francisco”}

  • action_facility_search
  • slot{“address”:“300 Hyde St, San Francisco”}

Thanks a lot!

@Mathemagier, make sure you included a storie in your stories.yml file with this example. Your domain.yml contains all intents / responses. You can even run rasa interactive to facilitate. Retrain and test again.

Hey, I uploaded my code here:

I really don’t know what could be wrong. I appreciate any kind of help :slight_smile:

@Mathemagier, are there any errors when you run rasa shell? In Rasa 2.x, slots does not have type unfeaturized anymore, you should replace it for any.