'Rasa shell' not working properly for me. It asks for input but does not show any response

Hi, I have trained the model and then run the command rasa shell to start the conversation. It asks for input but I do not receive any response from the bot. Please help me. I have attached the screenshot and also my files. nlu.yml (6.7 KB) rules.yml (403 Bytes) stories.yml (3.2 KB) config.yml (1.5 KB) credentials.yml (978 Bytes) domain.yml (2.4 KB) endpoints.yml (1.4 KB)

You have not defined rules for these intents.

Use rasa shell --debug to know what’s happening.

Your case is the same as this one: Rasa up and running but bot couldnt find any responses after adding new intent

Hi, Chris Thank you for replying. It worked but, I would be getting the same reply for all greet intent. So, if I need the bot to be dynamic in replying to me with different responses all the time I greet do I need to create a class for this?

The bot responded with a similar answer for the questions below when asked and returned nothing when the same questions were asked in the above screenshot. image

This is another topic, please make a new post next time.

You can define multiple responses:

  - text: "Hi!"
  - text: "Hey!"
  - text: "Hello!"