Bot does not always reply on custom frontend

here we go

but I have que when i say thanks bot didn’t reply me

Well, the chatbox is connected to the chatbot since it previously gave answers.

Do you have a rule or stories for when you say bye?

What happens if you do the same on Rasa Shell or Rasa X?

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@ravinder387 as per the screenshot chatbot widget is replying to user queries, and your concern is that whilst typing Thanks, it’s not replying is that right? Well, issue can be anything but here are some pointers:

  1. Please delete the older trained model if you have updated anything in the basic mood bot.
  2. Please see the nlu.yml with the set of examples mentioned do it have something like thanks on which bot is trained.
  3. Please investigate the stories.yml or rules.yml with the sets of steps i.e bot/user conversation. Intent: (user inputs) and actions: (utterances) in your case.
  4. Do check you server connection also, sometime it can be the issue or try delete caches and cookies of the browser (I’d recommend using Chrome)

Please can you share the rasa --version?

If you have any issue please feel free to mention me @ nik202.

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@ravinder387 is this issue solved with the suggestions?