Multiple chatbots on a server with docker

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my topic is almost similary to this one:

In my case I try to have several chatbots (up to 5) with rasa x on one server. On the server docker ist running. Each of the chatbot should have his own IP/Domain. Is it possible to run more then one chatbot with rasa x on one single server (Ubuntu 18.04)? So, if it is possible how can I do it?


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Yes, this is possible I have done that. Actually, we have to update the ports of Nginx of each rasa x instance. For example, let chatbot 1 running on port 80, 443. You can modify the 2nd chatbot with a port like 82, 446, etc. In this way, you can change the port of each RasaX instance and your chatbot will be up and running successfully.

For the modification of ports, you have to modify the docker-compose.yml file. But it is better to create a docker-compose-override.yml file as this file will be modified whenever you update your RasaX instance.

Do let me know If that helps you. Good Luck !