Booking a Bus Seat through RASA chatbot

Hi all! I am developing a chatbot which can help users to book a bus seat without going to booking portal. Chatbot will collect required information from the user and will reply back with bus ticket.I know this is apart from some simple chatbot thing. So, I want to know what is the procedures and things to be done to achieve this task. any source of reading would also be a great help?

PS:I am completely new to RASA and working on it since last 15-20 days.Till now I have experimented with Rasa dialog management, Rasa Form,Slots and custom Action.

Well, collecting and storing the required information is best done with a FormAction. As all information is gathered, you can make the booking directly in the submit-method.

Since you surely need to a time slot for the booking look into duckling entity extractor, which got a nice (rule based) time extractor. Can easily handle things like ‘tomorrow’ or ‘next friday’

Other than that, its hard to give advice. Could you be more specific? What’s problematic for you?

Hi @reena_kandari.

What I understand is that you want to integrate Rasa chatbot with some existing bus ticket booking portal. So I would recommend you need to do the following -

  1. Bus ticket booking portal’s api access token and api payload format to book your bus ticket (this will contain from and to details journey date and time and passenger details). If the portal doesn’t have api open then you’ll have to develop a bot using some RPA tool or selenium which will automate actions on the screen.

  2. Now that you have the api details (or bot in place) now from where to trigger them? You can do this by creating an action in the file in your Rasa project folder.

  3. Write stories to train your bot so that you can enter the data you need to send to the bus ticket booking portal.

  4. You’ll also need to figure out how will you take payments in the bot.

Follow this project Weatherbot_Tutorial/Full_Code_Latest at master · JustinaPetr/Weatherbot_Tutorial · GitHub this is tutorial by @Juste. This will make you understand how to write stories and call actions.

This is a video tutorial by @Juste which will tell you how to integrate each file with each other by Rasa. But if you are using the latest version of Rasa some of the features and setup might not be same as this is an old video.

Hope this will help.

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Hi, can you share more info on how to connect RASA to RPA for example UiPath?