Best way to implement scheduling bot

Let’s say I need a bot that can interact with users and schedule appointment in a service provider calendar (assume calendar has availability API).

What would be the best way to implement that in Rasa 2?

  • Should it be simple form that fills in a day/date and time slot?
  • If so what’s the best parser for that? (seems like Duckling won’t do as it collects only TIME)
  • should it be just lots of stories examples that collects the day/date and time? (no form)
  • How to handle not-available-and-offer-other? is it custom action - or also part of different stories examples?
  • Can I combine Bert to parse the different date and time entities?
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Hi @eyal8698 , the best approach would be as you mentioned using Forms to fill in the required information from the user (date, time slot, etc.). Duckling works for dates as well and can handle parsing time and date from a message like “Tomorrow at 5PM”.

Inside your Form Validation method, you can put in a check that verifies if that time is available to the user and possibly offer a different time to them as well.