Booking Appointment Bot

I have created chat bot for booking appointment.

Main functionalities are

  1. Book appointment

  2. Reschedule

  3. Cancel

Example chat Booking:

Me : I would like to book appointment

Bot : Hi , are you new patient or returning patient?

me : New patient

Bot : When did you like to ? Please say day and time in AM or PM.

Me : Tuesday at 2 pm

Bot : What’s your first and last name?

Me : Mithun Mohan

Bot : What’s your email address? We may send you email reminders and communicate with you by email.

Me :

Bot : Appointment booked on [ date ] at [ time ]. Thank you.

Example rescheduling chat:

Me: I want to reschedule

Bot : Reschedule date and time?

Me : Monday at 2 pm

Bot : Appointment rescheduled on [ date ] at [ time ]. Thank you.

I have configured the domain, stories and sctions as per the rasa documentation Quickstart

Used the rasa starter pack for creating the bot GitHub - RasaHQ/starter-pack-rasa-stack.

Bot is not working properly. I mean it does not always identify what users says. Consider this scenario when users says “Hi” bot did’t reply back “Hey, There” instead it will reply nothing or it will ask questions in actions which configured for booking intent. When user says “I want to book appointment” bot will say “Hey, There” with configured question in action. Hey there is not needed here. For the rescheduling case when user says “I want to reschedule” bot did’t reply anything.

Don’t know what is missing. I I’m attaching those domain, stories and action files below. Could anyone please check and help me to find the issues.

Thank you. (3.7 KB)

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There are a lot of things missing, you are using only one story. Haven’t marked many of the slots in nlu file.