room booking chatbot

Hello everyone, my 2 fellow students and I are currently working on a university project on artificial intelligence. We want to create a small chatbot about the topic room reservation in hotels. It will be a conversation chatbot. The time period, the room category and the address data are entered by the user and should be recognized. At the end the collected information should be displayed again so that the user can confirm the data. Unfortunately, we are currently not able to get any further with the Entity Extraction. Can anyone help us with this? Thank you very much and best regards Alex

You can create a form action with required slots as time period, address and other details and add statements in your training NLU and annotate the entities and have a slots for each entity

Refer to the following example of Formbot. It has training data on booking restaurant. You can modify the training data in to get a headstart.

I would also suggest reading the documentation NLU Training Data in detail to get a better understanding of defining training datasets for Entity Extraction.