Auto unmark conversation as reviewed after new message arrives

Hi Folks,

I am pretty sure most people have run into this problem, I would need some help to solve it.

This is our scenario:

  • We have a bot connected to Facebook.
  • Users can chat with our bot
  • We go to rasa x review the conversation and mark it as reviewed

Our problems:

  • Once the same user will start chatting with our bot, the conversation’s tag (reviewed) won’t change. Is there a way I can setup RASA X to automatically un-flag a conversation from reviewed once user send me new message
  • Let’s say our users talks a lot ot our bot and now they have ~1k utterances. I am reviewing the last one (latest conversation the user had with our bot). I find a new story within that conversation. How can I select let’s say just 6 turns from that conversation and make out a story? It seems currently I can just select the end cursor of that story and the beginning will be default to the start of session, which in some cases can be long

Curious if others have seen these problems and know a good workaround? I am new to rasa, so maybe I just don’t know how to use the product well and doing something wrong here.


Hello Endre,

Thank you for your questions. It looks like these are two different questions so maybe you could consider creating another post for your second question ?

Regarding the first part, maybe checking the Session Configuration might help. Also, you could take a look in the docs on how the sender_id/conversation_id is handled.

@tyd The first part seems like an interesting idea for a new feature, what do you think?

@Tobias_Wochinger Thanks for pointing this out. Definitely. I grabbed the link and put it with some similar feedback :slight_smile:

Thank you folks! This first part is important because without it, we cannot use RASA X for production where there are more than 100 users per day talking to the bot. It is unmanageable, because I don’t know what message I have reviewed and what messages I haven’t.