Rasa X for labelling real conversations

Hi, thanks for rasa X, it’s amazing!

I was wondering if i would be possible to pass real conversations (say a call transcription) to Rasa X, to label both parts of the conversation. I mean, I’m trying Rasa X and in the “conversations”, you can label the user’s sentences, but you can’t do it with the bot part (say you have an error and a sentence “cheer up” it’s labelled as “utter_ask_cuisine”). Is it possible to change this utterance’s label directly from conversations or you have to go to NLU-> responses to change?

Hi @basque21. Yes, you can definitely do that. Click on message where the conversation didn’t go as expected and select ‘Copy to interactive learning’ in a menu that pops up. There, you can correct the predicted actions and continue conversation.

For example:

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