Asking user feedback

I am trying to understand best practices for asking feedback from user for their experience with chatbot so far. should we ask after each story? or there are smarter way to show small :+1: and :-1: button?

Could someone point me to best practices document / article?

@kapilkathuria Hey! What type of chatbot you are planning to build and what are its used? It all depends on that.

thanks for your revert @nik202 . What do you mean by type of chatbot? If I can get some examples of type of chatbot , I can confirm which type of chatbot we are creating

@kapilkathuria Feedback can be asked after every question, but can be more relevant when its related to some question and then its answer like FAQs, Health or Medical, Education etc. I just want to know what you up to or even some scenario( set of conversation bot/user).

got it. thanks!

to answer your question, we are creating question-answer chatbot. for example - let’s say there is HR policy. employees will ask specific question and chatbot answers that questions. hope that answers your question. pls advise if you like me to explain more

on other hand my question was more of generic question on best practices in different type of chatbots. what i am looking for is, different ways people are asking feedback from users in their chatbot so that I can see which way(s) is suitable in our use case

@kapilkathuria I hope you solved this, sorry not getting back to you.

thanks @nik202 . thanks for your revert. yes, we finalized something and are moving ahead with that for now.