Getting feedback for the bot through the bot

Hi guys, I was wondering, from all your bots in development/production, how do you collect user feedback for proper intent classification/action prediction? I am not speaking of online training, this I know about. I mean more something like, your bot is in front of users, and you want your users to be able to rate the conversation in some way.

The easy option to implement was to add a utterance in the dialog asking “Was this helpful?” with two buttons “Yes/No”, but what I am realizing is that if the dialog is short and the bot asks for feedback everytime, it feels a bit redundant and stalky from a user perspective (a bot constantly asking for feedback has an unconfident personality, and it has the + of looking extra creepy when it comes to data collection). I have some ideas, but I am curious about how other people deal with this issue!

Yeah, we also have a “How has this interaction been going so far?” in our demobot for feedback (not every line, but after things like custom form actions) – i’m interested in hearing what everyone else does too :slight_smile:

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