I want the chatbot to react to some of the answers that the user provides before continuing with the flow

Hey everyone,

I’m currently working on a project involving a health-related chatbot, and I’m looking to enhance its interaction by incorporating empathetic responses. My goal is to make the chatbot not only gather information but also provide a sense of understanding and support to the users.

Specifically, I want the chatbot to react naturally to the responses provided by the users, showing sympathy and care where appropriate. For instance, if the chatbot asks about the user’s mobility and they respond with something like, “not so well, I can’t even walk properly,” I’d like the chatbot to express empathy, acknowledge the difficulty, and perhaps ask some follow-up questions to show that it cares about the user’s well-being before moving on to the next question in the questionnaire.

I’m wondering if anyone has experience or suggestions on how to implement this effectively within the RASA framework. Are there specific dialogue management techniques, response generation strategies, or other features within RASA that could help achieve this empathetic interaction? Any insights, tips, or examples would be greatly appreciated!

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences on this topic.