Are proactive notifications to user supported by RASA?

Hi there! i am very new to rasa and using it for my end of the year project.

i have a use case that requires the bot to do basic interactions with the user, but the most important thing is the bot needs to send proactive notifications to the user (alerts) based on some error that a system may encounter.

So i would like to know if rasa supports that, because so far all i have seen is rasa is able make API calls but nothing on weither rasa can be triggered based on outside factors. Is this a feature available ? or do i have to change course and use microsoft .NET bot tools instead?

Also is it possible to create a custom action that have rasa open and read a text file on my local machine ?

I think you have to implement this in your channel to the user.

@Govert thank you for the reply,

can you elaborate a little more ? because connecting the bot to a channel only allows it to communicate with user on other platforns from what i have read so far…

but is there a way to trigger the bot without having to user constantly come back to check for updates ??

I don’t think so, at least i couldn’t find a way. I am building my own channel (API for mobile app).
When i need to signal the user, i fake a message from the user. This triggers a special intent, starting a form action.
Part of my architecture is a messaging service, notifying the user of the RASA ‘response’.