Applying Custom Connector in RASA

Hello! I followed the instructions provided in Custom Connectors to create a custom channel. However, I’m unsure where to define the connector and utilize it to handle RASA outputs.

Suppose I have a function named which utilizes the OutputChannel class. Where can I specify that RASA should use this particular file as an output processor?

Simply adding a blank entry (since I dont need a credentials for my custom processor) in credentials.yml like this

custom_channel.OutputTranslator: {}

isn`t enough right?

Any tips would be appreciated!

Hi @vicesan

If you want Rasa to handle the output part, you can do by not defining the output part. You an get the idea from this Custom Connector in Rasa

Thank you for responding. I appreciate your tutorial suggestion and believe it will be beneficial. However, my goal is to develop a “middleware” that can use a translate API to convert any output from RASA into a specific predetermined language. Do you think custom connector allow this?

I think you can create a output channel and once you receive the output from rasa you can modify the text into your predefined format and then send it to the user.

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