I am trying to create custom web connector for my web application

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to create Web connector for my application to connect to Rasa. Here are following reasons for having custom connector.

  1. I want to validate the token passed by calling program before my rasa-core actions come into picture.
  2. I want to make sure - there is single point of entry for every program connecting to my rasa-core server

Here is one sample I got from rasa website but there are errors at some places.

Errors -

  1. QueueOutputChannel (line number 19) - undefined variable
  2. rasa.utils.endpoints.bool (line number 71) - undefined variable

Does anyone have working version of this file or does any pointer for me to start work towards this.

All help would be appreciated.

Regards, MB

Hello excuse, how can i use custom connector to integrate my bot in google hangout .

Thank you in advance