Custom Connector Output Channel

Hi, I have implemented a custom connector class for Input. However, I also need to implement the output class for the same so that I can send back the message from rasa core to the application again as response. Please let me know how do I catch the response and implement the custom output class.

@pankajlohia Can you share some example or files for the same?

Hi @nik202 , I am basically implementing something like this - Custom Connectors

This is rasa custom connector. However, if you see it does not have an output class. How does one implement an output class here?

@pankajlohia which channel you are using for the same? are you able to run the once mention in doc? Even check this thread [Solved] How to implement our own custom connector for the custom UI

@nik202 I am running my own channel. Its not an inbuilt channel. The link you have shared also does not have any output channel. It is only an input channel. If you see facebook, telegram etc all have output channels defined in their connection files. And yes, the input channel is working fine. I am able to get the values into rasa.

@pankajlohia did you manage to make a custom outputchannel?

Hi @pankajlohia Were you able to send back the response from Rasa?