Apple M1: illegal hardware instruction (using any rasa command)

Hi everybody!

I installed Rasa on my new apple M1 (MacBook Pro/Big Sur 11.0.1), and get the following problem when using any Rasa command (init, train, …):

zsh: illegal hardware instruction rasa init (train/…)

I attached the associated console crash report. The problem seems to be related to libtensorflow_framework.2.dylib

I would be very appreciative of your help. Thank you, Matthias

WindowServer_2020-12-11-100548.diag.rtf (89.4 KB)

Ooop! Will be following this. I’m very much interested in getting an M1 Mac Mini in part to improve my training times when training locally.

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Can you clarify your setup? Are you running rasa directly or inside a VM?

I run rasa inside a VM (venv).

Hi All, Facing same issue…

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Yes @Rasa PLEASE support RASA/Tensorflow operations for the new Apple M1 chips. We can try setting up a virtual machine, but it’s far less convenient than being able to run simple operations locally.

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I am also having the same issue. please guide us and help to solve this problem.

Same here, any news?

Same here. Any progress in the matter???

same issue +1

Hi everyone, sorry for the slow response! This is actually a tensorflow problem (see here).

Hi @fkoerner. I know it is a TF problem. But was hoping that you at Rasa could make a branch that supports this initiative from Apple, GitHub - apple/tensorflow_macos: TensorFlow for macOS 11.0+ accelerated using Apple's ML Compute framework., for all us M1 owners. Even if some people say it still have some bugs. Like a “on your own risk” branch would be awesome.

I myself get in trouble with Rasa and Numpy version when using Apple’s TF initiative. So I was hoping that you at Rasa could make a little effort and see if you guys could make this work if it is just as simple as supporting the right version of Numpy (or some other libraries). See [Apple M1 processor and Rasa].

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@osterhult I see, thank you for clarifying! I’m not sure whether this is possible. I’ll check it out and get back to you.

@fkoerner heaps of thanks. :slight_smile:

Hey @fkoerner,

Just thought I follow up this with issue with you. Any news on running Rasa on my Apple M1?

Best regards, /Magnus

Hi @osterhult, sorry for the delay, I have taken this on and am working on a branch, but among other things I had some hurdles updating to Big Sur (without which I could not install tensorflow_macos). I will update this when I have more information.


@fkoerner thank you. :slight_smile: Let me know if there is anything I could to help out.

@fkoerner hey there… any news? just wondering :slight_smile:

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Also still curious about this. Thanks!

Hi @osterhult, @Chris98106 sorry for the delay again, I have been trying to get this to work but unfortunately it seems that using tensorflow-macos is not possible due to the tensorflow version the branch is based on. The tensorflow-macos version is based on r2.4rc0, which is incompatible with current rasa (module attributes have changed since the last rasa-compatible version 2.3).

We’ve looked into updating the tensorflow dependency for rasa, but cannot due to a bug on the tensorflow side. There’s an issue for the bug here. If tensorflow-macos expands support to other tensorflow versions, or the above bug is fixed, the situation may change, in which case I will be happy to give this another shot. Thank you for your patience with this!

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