Apple M1 processor and Rasa


I just a new Mac mini M1 at home and realized (as many others) that Rasa won’t run on it. So annoying…

As what I have been reading regarding this issue it all depends on different libraries like TensorFlow is not working with the M1 processor. Then I found that Apple have released a workaround regarding the matter here. GitHub - apple/tensorflow_macos: TensorFlow for macOS 11.0+ accelerated using Apple's ML Compute framework.

So I have tried this and now I get issues with versions of Numpy.

tensorflow 2.3.2 requires numpy<1.19.0,>=1.16.0, but you have numpy 1.19.2 which is incompatible. rasa 2.3.4 requires numpy<1.17,>=1.16, but you have numpy 1.19.2 which is incompatible.

The Apple workaround requires 1.19.2. So is there anything we can do here before all the libraries are up to speed?

Or have anyone figured out how to get Rasa running on a M1 processor?

Cheers, /Magnus

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