Rasa train command not working in MacBook Air M1 ( silicon )

Hello, I’m trying to develop a chatbot using Rasa NLU. Created a virtual environment using anaconda and installed the required libraries updated in rasa documentation. Now when I’m trying to train the chatbot using “rasa train” the error getting displayed was “zsh: illegal hardware instruction rasa train”. Followed the stack overflow and GitHub community pages to overcome the error. But noting seems to be working. Can someone guide through this process of overcoming the above mentioned error.

This is a known issue with Tensorflow. It doesn’t support the M1 chip yet which is why you’re seeing this error message.

Just to check, what version of Rasa and Tensorflow do you have? I think TF 2.5 should address many issues but I’m not 100% sure if Rasa supports this version already.

I’ve written a guide that seems to work for me to get Rasa Open Source 3.x working on a Macbook with a M1 chip. It’s unofficial, largely due to changes that might hopefully happen, but it’s something that should help in the meantime.