Anyone published rasa chatbot to Facebook for public?

Hello Friends

I had created my rasa chatbot and integrated it with Facebook successfully. When I talk to bot it responds as expected but when I ask my friends to talk to bot, the bot doesn’t reply.

Need help in solving this. In blogs it is mentioned if it has to be opened for public we need to submit it for app review. Am unable to proceed with this step as am confused.

Also I tried adding friends to as testers under roles (under dashboard) however it shows status as pending and no request is sent to my friends Facebook account.

Please help

So i found a solution for one of the problem where i had added few friends as testers but they were not receiving any request on their facebook notification.

Solution -> It’s quite weird, people (testers) were getting notifications but that notifications can be seen only when they had opened their facebook account from desktop or laptop (and not mobile). It took me quite while to know about this fact. Another things is, facebook asks them to register themselves as developers before accepting the request. Once they register themselves on developers for facebook website, they can chat with your chatbot.