Adding new nlu data

(leha) #1

Hello. When I try to add some new data to nlu via plus sign, writing any letter causes it’s disappearing, and nothing happenes then. Also previously writing to the bot in rasa x caused the message appearing in nlu data, now nothing happenes. I believe something is broken with mine rasa x now. Did someone have similar issue?

(leha) #2

So it is indeed, I get some errors in console

Also I have issue scrolling chat upwards, but probably it’s not related to exact this problem.

(Samuel Gaus) #3

Can you paste the output in your console? Also, try logging out and back in to the dashboard.

(leha) #4

This issue is constant on many different computers trying to connect my server, restarting doesn’t change anything. {“version”:“0.19.3”,“status”:“failure”,“message”:“Example could not be found.”,“reason”:“TrainingExampleError”,“details”:{},“help”:null,“code”:400} this is what I get when just pushing plus button. Also I get it twice.

(Samuel Gaus) #5

That error isn’t necessarily bad. Could you tell me the browser and version of your many different computers?

(leha) #6

windows 8.1, 10. Google Chrome Version 75.0.3770.142 (Official release), (64 bit). Mozilla Firefox 68.0 (64-bit). And in Mozilla there are no errors in console, however same thing with the +