Add checkboxes to the form

Hello! I need to add a question to the chat, in which there should be a button and a list of checkboxes. So far I have implemented a list of checkboxes through separate messages with a button. For a UI, I use this component:

Can someone tell me how to solve this problem?

This would have to be handled through the UI, so you would have to ask mrbot-ai to support checkboxes on their UI. Once they do, you could use custom output payloads to send the check boxes.

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I am working on the fix for rasa-webchat, will share the link once it is done then you can integrate it with Rasa. Initial testing is promising so stay tuned.

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great, can you please update the status of your work :slight_smile: I am also waiting for this feature.

Hi , were you able to get any updates on this thread? I am too looking to implement checkboxes

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