Adding HTML form elements in RASA

(Anand) #1

Hi there, I just wanted to know if RASA has other html form elements like input box,checkbox, radio button those of the UI elements which can be incorporated inside the RASA domain.yml template just like the buttons. Is there any of those features available in RASA.

templates: utter_greet: text: “Hey! How are you?” buttons: title: “great” payload: “great” title: “super sad” payload: “super sad”

So what if i want a radio button instead of simple button. Also some other HTML elements like a tooltip.I hope someone has the solution for this scenario. Thanks in advance

(Ella Rohm-Ensing) #2

Hi @Anand_Menon, these elements are highly dependent on the output channel, so you would have to create your own custom channel to support outputting these elements to your channel and receiving and parsing the input.