Date picker using botfront

Hello @nik202 ,

my RASA version : 2.8.1 RASA SDK version : 2.8.4

I am using botfront for Front end, is it possible to use date picker in botfront? if possible can you please guide me through it.

Leaivng Slack can we able to other place where we can use Data picker.

Thanks, Ravi

Hello @Ravi13,

What is your use case can you elaborate please with some examples?

Hello @nik202 , Like if the user want to schedule an appointment Then this date picker should appear and then the user can select the date. For the appointment.

@Ravi13 there is no option of using data picker code with botfront yet, but If you can customize the botfront code (ReactJs) then you will be able to add a date picker, or if you can write the code for manual date i.e bot will ask a date from users dd/mm/yyyy

For Ref example:

@nik202 if I can customise the botfront reactjs code and able to write code for date picker. How I can integrate it with rasa. Like for buttons we use payload. What will be the format for the date picker. Will it be same as we write the structure for the slack.

@Ravi13 well to be honest I never implement this on ReactJs, maybe I will find something and get back to you, I have seen some code like this on StackOverflow: nlp - Is it possible to add date picker in Rasa Chatbot? - Stack Overflow

I hope this will guide you in the right direction. Good Luck!

ok @nik202 Thanks for helping me, Yes i will try to find a solution and let you know if I get any solution. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, Ravi

@Ravi13 no worries, and good luck!