is not updated

Hello, when I update in rasa, and type rasa run actions & rasa shell --debug in console, then whenever I chat with bot the previous is referred even though I saved the file The new changes in Actions file are never reflected until I restart the whole system. Can you help me why? I use VS code and use CTRL+C to stop the server

Are any changes in the names of the actions in the previous compared to the new one? If yes, try updating the name under “actions” in the domain file. If not, please share the error screenshot.

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not any changes in name or domain, Just python code logic is changed… like in place of utter_1, I called utter_2, and commenting out the utter_1, and both are defined in domain… But after changing it still prints the utter_1 msg… Note that utter_1 is called only one time

Try removing all the commented lines in your code and follow the proper indentation. Also, be sure to check that your template/response(example:utter_1) is added in the domain file under “templates” as well as under “actions”.

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Tried many times, but not working… I’m using the form feature in RASA…

I stopped the server by ctrl+c then killed the process by sudo kill, then it works successfully, Thanks anyways…