Can we have multiple file in a project

If we have all custom actions class mapped in a single file then it is becoming very unreadable and messy. So is there any way that we can configure multiple file with custom actions ? Thank you

I have defined my custom Actions in too, and all the examples i have seen so far did it that way, but i am sure there are ways to tell core to get the custom Actions from different files.

If you want to keep it clean, you can maybe split the code into a few python files, and later call these files in

I have the following folder structure:

  • My Project
    • actions

Run your actions using the following command in your root folder

  • python -m rasa_core_sdk.endpoint --actions actions

The -m treats the actions folder as a module rather than a directory.


HI @Simran

can you please help me in how to achive spliting the actions file !

Thank you

Hello can you please describe more!!