Rasa X 1.1.0 Custom Actions Server

Hello Team!. Is there an updated resource with the steps I need to follow in order to run the custom actions service in Rasa X 1.1.0?

The chatbot I need to test makes use of them.


No :frowning: Rasa Actions need to be run parallel like rasa run actions

In Linux/MacOS i use rasa run actions & rasa x commad

Hello @itsjhonny, I also do this in my local environment, but I wanted to know what to do in order to start the actions service with the code in Rasa X. As far as I read, it’s done through a Docker image.

Anyone? So far I was able to create the Docker Image with the actions code and upload it to DockerHub, but I don’t know how to proceed now in Rasa X 1.1.0.