404 page not found error from RASA X Server

Hi, I am getting a 404 page not found error when I hit my rasa x server. What are the possible causes of it? Kindly suggest a solution or debugging technique so I can see possible causes of it.

I deployed my rasa x on the server using this command curl -s get-rasa-x.rasa.com | sudo -E bash

It says your deployment is ready and running but I am unable to access it on my computer having 404 page not found error when I hit IP.

There’s a good kubernetes cheatsheet here. A good place to start is to make sure all your pods are running:

kubectl get pods

If any of the pods are reporting errors, take a look at the logs for that pod with:

kubectl logs -l app.kubernetes.io/component=rasa-production


It’s actually

kubectl get pods --namespace=rasa

and I have the same issue which is an ErrImagePull and to get the logs (not that you need them)

kubectl logs rasa-app-6f55dd6695-lvcnf --namespace=rasa

Just remember the app name will be different.

So looks like the latest update cannot pull an image down hence the 404 - for me it was an action server in values.yml which didn’t exist but didn’t cause issues on a new install.

If you have your model version controlled it might be quicker to just toast the server and start again.