Rasa webhook URL's giving 404 not found

Hi, My Rasa webhook URL (deployed on Kubernetes) was working fine till 27th July 2023. All of a sudden the webhook URL stopped giving any response and is giving 404 not found. There is no error being logged in any of the servers (Rasa-server or Actions-server). Tried again after restarting both servers but still am facing the same issue.

P.S.:- The base URL is working when called via GET request: “Hello from Rasa: 3.5.11”. Everything is working fine on localhost.

Versions: Rasa Version: 3.5.11 ; Minimum Compatible Version: 3.5.0 ; Rasa SDK Version: 3.5.1 ; Python Version: 3.10.9 ;

It was a problem with AWS Load Balancer. FIxed it.