Your model training has failed

Hi I’m new to the Rasa. I installed Rasa-X version 0.42.6. I used simple greeting story for initial. I went to train model and I getting the following error “Training Failed” “Your model training has failed” but no any explanation as to why or where the errors. I used Docker-Compose for deployment. Following are the OS details

Ubuntu - 20.04 Python - 3.8.2

Hello, some general steps you can take to investigate the problem:

Logs: Check the logs of the Rasa-X container for any error messages or stack traces. You can access the logs by running the following command in your terminal: docker-compose logs rasa-production Look for any error messages or exceptions that could indicate the cause of the training failure.

Version compatibility: Ensure that the version of Rasa-X you installed (0.42.6) is compatible with the version of Rasa Open Source you’re using. There might be compatibility issues if the versions are not aligned. You can check the compatibility matrix in the Rasa documentation for the correct versions.

Resources: Training a model requires sufficient system resources. Verify that your machine has enough memory and CPU capacity to perform the training. Insufficient resources can cause the training process to fail.

Training data: Double-check your training data, including NLU data (in the data/ file) and stories (in the data/ file). Make sure they are correctly formatted and contain valid training examples. A small syntax error or incorrect formatting can lead to a training failure.

Dependencies: Confirm that all the necessary dependencies are installed. Ensure that you have the correct versions of Rasa, Rasa-X, and any additional packages or libraries you might be using. You can use the rasa --version command to check the installed version of Rasa Open Source. Docker configuration: Verify that your Docker configuration is set up correctly. Ensure that Docker and Docker Compose are installed properly, and the necessary containers are running. You can use the docker ps command to check the status of your containers. I hope this will helps you.

Hello, If you encounter a “Training Failed” error in Rasa-X without any specific error messages, there are a few possible troubleshooting steps you can try. First, check the logs by running docker-compose logs rasa-production or docker-compose logs rasa-worker to look for any error messages or exceptions. Ensure that your Docker environment has sufficient resources allocated in terms of memory (RAM) and CPU. Verify the compatibility between your installed Rasa-X version (0.42.6) and the version of Rasa Open Source you have. If you have any custom components or pipeline configurations, check their correctness. If the issue persists, providing more specific error logs or information can help with further troubleshooting.