Hey guys! I’m a student and still new to rasa. Can you tell me what is wrong in this? domain.yml (14.9 KB) Thanks in advance!

Hi @DonJohn The exception message will indicate what needs to be corrected, are you able to share that?

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Yes, I can share it ma’am but where can I see the exception message?

@DonJohn right after the sentence Here are the errors found during validation you should see more explanations.

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It doesn’t show the errors

@DonJohn In that case I strongly suggest you check your domain file against the yaml schema specified here for version 3.0. Version 2.0 schema is available here.


Do I need to edit my domain and follow what’s been specified in the version 2.0 schema? Or do I need to do over?

@DonJohn Yes, your domain file needs to be amended to follow the 2.0 schema to avoid raising YamlValidationException.

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