Writing rasa stories while using slots

Hello i am new to Rasa and i would like to ask a few questions about slots and defining them in stories. When a slot is used as i understand we should declare it in each story under the action or intent that sets that said slot, in case of a lookup table containing hundreds of possible values for said slot how many examples should be enough for rasa to understand how to handle every one of them? Again i am new to the rasa sdk and please correct me if i am wrong. Thanks in advance!

hi @Pantelhs ! I am assuming that not all of these slots should be handled differently? then you would have hundreds of different options and your bot would be very complex. If you only care whether a slot is set or not, you can use a TextSlot type Slots , then you also only need two stories - one for the slot being set and one for it not being set.

FYI the most foolproof way to create stories with slots is to use rasa interactive to create them

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