How to create story base on a catgory slot value

can anyone describe in a two words, how can i create a story based on a category slot value? for example i set a slot in a previous conversations or in action via api (i can call external api and get a value for a slot) and now I have a slot value but i can’t understand how to “fired” necessary story or fired necessary checkpoint?


Demo use case:

      type: categorical
      - premium
      - basic

       - intent: utter_greet
       - action: action_fetch_profile
          - slot_was_set:
               - status: basic
       - action: utter_welcome_basic

May be something like this you must have done for your action:

from rasa_core.actions import Action
import requests

class FetchProfileAction(Action):
    def name(self):
        return "fetch_profile"

    def run(self, dispatcher, tracker, domain):
        url = ""
        data = requests.get(url).json
        return [SlotSet("account_type", data["account_type"])]

Try as you asked in two words, so much pressure :stuck_out_tongue: that’s what you looking or my bad

Thx And do you have any suggestion for situation if this slot was seted earlyer? I can check slot value in a action, but how i can select necessary story?

@Kosechok the above action file as you can see it setting the slot and that slot you using for the next story? Or I get you wrong? :frowning:

You are correct, but i’m talking about another case, I already have stored slot (set it in another story) And now I must check if slot stored(if not i will ask user and store id), and if i have a slot i should continue necessary story

@Kosechok did you tried the above suggestion? even try use rasa interactive and see what’s going on.

@Kosechok Heya! I hope you doing fine, are you able to solve this issue?

@nik202 thx i will test it a little later, i’ll be back with a results

@Kosechok No worries. Hope this will solve your issue, if it work please close this thread or shared your own solution for others. Good Luck!