Windows 10 Dependency Issues

I am installing Rasa on my windows 10 machine, python==3.7.6, and pip 20.2.4. I have the build tools installed as required for my x64 bit machine.

When I run pip3 install rasa

I receive the following: sanic 20.9.1 requires multidict==5.0.0, but you’ll have multidict 4.7.6 which is incompatible. tensorflow 2.3.1 requires gast==0.3.3, but you’ll have gast 0.4.0 which is incompatible. tensorflow 2.3.1 requires numpy<1.19.0,>=1.16.0, but you’ll have numpy 1.19.3 which is incompatible.

Then when I run rasa init I get: AttributeError: module 'sip' has no attribute 'setapi'

Any ideas?

Hi Ryan,

I think you’ll have more success with the Multipass based installation.


The following ended up working for me.

conda create -n myenv python==3.8.3
conda activate myenv
pip install rasa
pip uninstall numpy
pip install numpy==1.18.5