Rasa install issue in window

Python 3.6.3 Pip 20.0.2

I am not able to install rasa on window . pip install rasa i face this error please help me

What Python version are you using? I faced this issue with 3.7.X, downgrading to 3.6.X fixed it.

I try first with a python 3.7.4 with same pb on win10. So i came to this forum.
I switch to a 3.6.6 but same pb with message :
Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement tensorflow<2.2,>=2.1 (from rasa) (from versions: )
No matching distribution found for tensorflow<2.2,>=2.1 (from rasa)
Do we need to install first some tensorflow ?

Try to run pip install tensorflow==2.1.0

Hi @pirelaurent,

can you try it in a new python environment, and then install latest version with pip install rasa ?

I just tested in with conda, using python=3.7.6, and it installed OK. It pulled tensorflow-2.1.0

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@ActuallyAcey now i fix it. My system is 64 bit and python i install it 32bit that why it through me the error. Its working with python 3.7 also .

@pirelaurent please first of all please check whether your system and python have same bit. like system 64 bit then please install python also 64 bit . its work with 3.7 and window 10

oh, i fixed it, thank you <3

Thanks for advice.
it’s ok : I can install with the last 3.7 64bit on Win 10
( and in a venv with pycharm ) :slight_smile:

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