Why MemoizationPolicy doesn't always work?

I’m trying to understand why the Memoization Policy doesn’t always work. All my stories in the stories.md file are two short lines, like the following:


  • Canal_HorarioChat
    • utter_Canal_HorarioChat

So the max_history (by default) parameter is bigger than de length of the stories. When I try repeatedly the intenty “Canal_HorarioChat” in all the times the NLU clasification is correct but sometimes the next action is predicted bye the Memoization Policy and some other times by the Keras Policy.

can someone tell me what I’m missing?

I’m using Rasa 1.1.1.

if any more information is needed please tell me!. thanks!!

If all of your stories are like that and you have the correct intent, you should try the mapping policy.

Thank you!! I used a Memoization Policy with max history of 1 and problem solved!