Need some help in understanding/using keras and memoization policy, in my case it needs to follow exact story path no deviation

Hi, I Created a few stories in my RASA Bot. Which follows the exact story path. There will be no deviation from the existing story path. After the execution of the story, we are using action restart, to clear all the events and slots. In this case, Do I need to use Keras Policy, only memoization policy is enough?

My Story looks like:


  • ding
    • form_action_ding
    • form{“name”:“form_action_ding”}
    • form{“name”:null}
    • utter_inform_ding_b939a474-25b0-4d10-925d-cff6d00b26b8
    • action_restart

For this story how much max_history I need to use?.

One more question : Models generated by memoization policy contains memorized_turns.json. which contains some random turns , why not the t exact story path turns?. i am able to see these turns by setting ENABLE_FEATURE_STRING_COMPRESSION to false.

if you don’t expect any deviation, memo should be enough. I guess max_history should be 3 for story above

what do you mean random turns? It remembers only turns from stories

Thanks For the response, Yeah with memoization policy it is working. But what if i don’t have action restart at the end of my story how much max_history i need to set?

in the story above, action_restart is the third action