Why is my FollowupAction not working?

I have a very simple outcome that I am trying to achieve. If a user asks a question that meets one of two conditions then it responds accordingly. If {condition A} do {response A} else if {condition B} do {response B, w/ Buttons}. Since entities are not usable, the story cannot be set up to “figure out” which path to go so I need to programmatically force it; otherwise the buttons will be disabled since a second action (not “action_listen”) is immediately executed after the custom action.

Here’s a snippet of the code:

From what I have seen from other similar threads, this SHOULD be correct. Obviously, it isn’t since it does not work.

Hi! Can you clarify, what exactly doesn’t work for you? Is the button disabled? Can you also link the thread you mentioned?

Yes, Rasa X disables buttons when an action occurs after their initialization. There are a few different threads that I looked at, but here is one of them. Getting action_listen for followup_action value even after adding a followup action - #14 by gonesbuyo

Hi @john.mcquaid! Is there any code that comes after the code snippet that you posted? It shouldn’t be necessary at all to set a follow up action there.

@kalkbrennerei Yes, there is more after the snippet. There are two options, so what you’re seeing is the end of an if catching statement. It is absolutely necessary if I need more than a static outcome.

Can you post a screenshot of the complete code (before and after your snippet above)?

I also think that it should work…

Sure thing, this is most of that method:

Normally, custom classes just allow the NLU stories to handle the conversation, but for this case I need the custom action to force the next actions. To my knowledge, there is absolutely no way the stories can predict if buttons were required and initialized to redirect the story as needed. All other occurrences of button initializing have singular outcomes so I never had a need to redirect stories based on custom action data calculations.